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SPACEtalks is a space-inspired business conference with a purely commercial focus, full of powerful stand-alone presentations by space sector leaders and top governmental experts from all over the world.


SPACEtalks is a one-of-a-kind space tech event, where key representatives in the sector are brought together to discuss current and emerging trends in the world of space technology and the future landscape of the space industry.


The conference is designed for aerospace & related industries professionals, decision-makers at aerospace commercial organisations, start-ups, governmental agencies and academia.


With thought-provoking discussions about space R&I impact and current trends, SPACEtalks is here to provide you the opportunity to expand your network in this cutting-edge industry and learn all about the future of the space sector.


SPACEtalks will be taking place on the 9th of September 2021 in the City of London as part of Cosmonauts Tech Week 2021. The main conference will be taking place at the stunning Studio Spaces venue, near the Tower of London.


SPACEtalks will also be live-streamed to a wider virtual audience.

What participants say

Alexander Macleod
Technical Support Executive 


Attending the Space talks was very eye-opening and it gave you quite the insight into governmental thoughts, ideas to private companies and how to move forward.


Andy Williams

​Space Professionals Ltd 

Very interesting conference with a commercial focus. Good size too - not too large meaning networking was simple.


Nancy Vermeulen

Space Ambassador & Private Astronaut Trainer

Space Training Academy

SPACEtalks 2020 in London was a well organised top event which covered a broad range of interesting topics and trends in the space industry.

Nancy Vermeulen/Space Training Academy/Space Ambassador & Private Astronaut Trainer


Mark Chang
Space Mission, AI and Cybersecurity Expert

PA Consulting

The first SPACETalks.biz - the Interstellar Business Conference was a success, bringing together diverse interests and exploring a huge range of topics, so there was something for everyone.


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